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Washer/Dryer at Rasaka Theatre directed by

Kaiser Ahmed


New City Stage


Add their nosy flamboyant neighbor Sam

(Omer Abbas Salem, who steals the show

with charisma and comic timing) in the

mix, and an already great day just gets better.



Buzz on Stage


Reason 3: Comedic Writing is on Point!

Sonya & Michael’s downstairs neighbor Sam. Don’t get me wrong, Sonya and Michael’s story is great…and even Michael’s mother, Dr. Lee is absolutely hilarious; as well, the co-op President Wendee… but the real scene grabber is Sonya’s downstairs gay neighbor, Sam. From his snappy one-liners, fabulous caftan dress, to his wine guzzling as the story unfolds, nearly every word out of his mouth brought a hearty laugh out of the crowd.


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