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Invasion! at Silk Road Rising directed by Anna Bahow:


Chicago Tribune


Bahow's quartet of actors, which in addition to Hans and Sabbagh includes Glenn Stanton and Omer Abbas Salem (an understudy who ably stepped in for an injured Dan Johnson), negotiate the hairpin twists and turns in Khemiri's caustic series of tales with admirable flexibility.



Chicago Sun Times


And expert understudy Omer Abbas Salem nailed the roles of fellow class clown and military man, replacing Dan Johnson, whose foot injury keeps him sidelined.



Time Out Chicago


Of the four-person cast, Omer Abbas Salem seemed to show the best poise and comic timing at the press opening—surprising since he's an understudy who took over the track of injured primary cast member Dan Johnson (who's pictured in the production photos above) just a day prior.



Chicago Theater Beat


Bahow’s ensemble cast the night I attended – Kamal Hans, Omer Abbas Salem, Amira Sabbagh and Glenn Stanton - morphs with a collective ease through the shifting stories that unfold within the production. With minimal costumes on an essentially bare set, they create a crowd of unique voices, all clamoring to be heard. (


Splash Magazine


No small part of “Invasion!”’s ability to engage comes from its stellar cast –understudy Omer Abbas Salem, Kamal Hans, Glenn Stanton, and Amira Sabbagh.  These four actors play numerous roles and handle quick conversions from one persona to another seamlessly...The actors’ roles require great flexibility and they are all up to the task.  It was especially noteworthy that we could not discern who was the understudy until we combed through the playbill and program notes.


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