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In to America at Griffin Theatre directed by Dorothy Milne

Chicago Tribune

But there is also undeniable value — especially

these days — to giving center stage to the voices

of the dispossessed and the displaced, who

refuse to surrender their dignity even in the face

of the ugliest xenophobia dished out. Omer

Abbas Salem plays a Syrian peddler in rural

Oklahoma (shades of Ali Hakim from "Oklahoma!")

who ingratiates himself into the home of a farmer

and his wife on a cold winter's night — and ends

up with new friends for life.


Chicago Theatre Beat

The actors are phenomenal, particularly Omer Abbas Salem and Scott Shimizu, the latter of whom recounts a World War II-era raid to a Japanese American family home that brings more than one tear to the eye.


New City Stage

These pieces are drawn from letters and journals and there are few storytellers in the cast. Juanita Andersen, Aneisa Hicks and Omer Abbas Salem are charismatic.


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