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Linda at Steep Theatre, Directed by Robin Witt


Perform Ink


A bright spot in Linda’s work life is her slick and dapper

assistant Luke (the outstanding Omer Abbas Salem) with

whom she enjoys some workplace flirtation. 



Picture This Post


 Though his role is pivotal in the story line but his lines are

relatively few,  Omer Abbas Salem’s portrayal of Luke is also

a standout red flag to look for him in future Chicago productions.



Chicago Theatre Review


Omer Abbas Salem is charming and funny as Luke, a temp at the beauty company who has his finger on the pulse of everything around him.





Omer Abbas Salem is maddening and thoroughly charming as Luke, who proves that, with the right attitude, consequences can be for others. As he glibly touches the lives of those he meets, exacerbating their existential struggles, his idea that “everything is just as it should be” if one just lets go of one’s data becomes more than a little compelling


City Pleasures

Omer Abbas Salem as Luke, with his clever eyes and intoxicating tongue, beautifully exposed the hazards of falling under the spell of bright and handsome men.


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