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Even Longer and Further Away at The New Coordinates directed by Thrisa Hodits

Chicago Theater Beat

And the two most interesting and likable characters,

Roy and lodge proprietress Trudy (Reed-Foster), are

reduced to archetypes and aren’t fleshed out nearly

as much as they could be. (That said, both Salem

and Reed-Foster are excellent. Salem provides much

needed comic relief.


Chicago Critic

The acting didn’t help much, either. With the exception of Omar Abbas Salem, who embraces his comedic supporting role with enthusiastic gusto, the other, more principal roles feel barely lived-in.


Windy City Times

Finding out the interlinking connections between the characters keeps interest throughout Even Longer and Farther Away, but it doesn't hide the fact that Marcantel's writing also trades in stereotypical characters like the "magical negro" or the "sassy gay friend." Luckily, the performances under Hodits' direction make these types more full-bodied and well-rounded people, especially in dedicated turns by Reed-Foster and Salem.


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