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Merge at The New Coordinates directed by Andrew Hobgood

Chicago Reader

Pacing the show itself as if it were a Pac-Man

game is only amusing until it starts to warp

the narrative and stunt characters. Still, Wes

Needham, Lindsey Pearlman, and Omer

Abbas Salem manage to stay vivid throughout




The show’s best moments and performances are its calmest and quietest. Pearlman steals every single scene she’s in as the droll, sarcastic Patti, as does Omer Abbas Salem as a slimy WB exec named Manny.



And once the comedic timing of Lindsey Pearlman and Omer Abbas Salem find their way on stage, the last hour flies by leaving you wanting more.


Windy City Times

Omar Abbas Salem's corporate bisexual coke sniffing flirt is hilarious. The full commitment and humor of this cast is infectious.


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